The EJC M10 ZT is a cost-effective entry-level model in the Jungheinrich electric stacker truck range. 

  • Different lift heights available (2300 mm / 2500 mm / 2900 mm / 3300 mm)
  • Powerful and efficient 
  • Intelligent automatic shut-off when not used for 30 minutes
  • Excellent agility thanks to compact dimensions

The EJC M10 ZT was developed specifically for use in small and medium-sized businesses with occasional need for a goods transport solution. The 0,6 kW motor assists you in transporting pallets and goods weighing up to 1000 kg over short distances. It is ideal for occasional order picking or stacking of pallets.

The ergonomic tiller handle can be operated with either hand and is very user-friendly. You control all lifting and lowering functions via the multifunction tiller head, thus allowing you to devote your full attention to the task at hand. All important control instruments, are positioned centrally in your direct field of view

The EJC M10 ZT offers a range of safety measures for complete peace of mind. The low ground clearance of just 30 mm reduces the risk of foot injuries. The full panelling of the truck housing provides additional protection. Thanks to the low frame height and optimum view through the mast, even smaller operators have a clear view of the fork tips at all times.

With its compact design and short head length, the EJC M10 ZT is extremely agile and can be used safely in even the tightest of spaces. 

The pedestrian truck is equipped with a two-stage telescopic mast. The ZT or Simplex mast is a two-stage model with direct extension of the mast. A 200 mm stroke of the fork carriage results in a 100 mm movement of the moving mast. 

A particularly beneficial feature of the EJC M10 is that it is quite small in size relative to its high lift height, a fact that makes it ideal for low ceiling heights. 

The EJC M10 ZT is particularly energy efficient. The use of powerful, maintenance-free three-phase AC technology allows you to reduce your operating costs and maximise the speed and cost efficiency of your stock turnover. Efficient energy management is further supported by the regenerative brake with energy recovery when reducing the travel speed. 

The truck switches off automatically when not used for 30 minutes. This intelligent automatic shut-off helps to protect the battery. The maintenance-free lead-gel battery and on-board charger ensure maximum flexibility. The battery can be easily charged at any 230 V socket. 

Check out short video on how to use Electric Pedestrian Pallet Trucks Jungheinrich EJE & EJC M Series.

Jungheinrich EJC M10 ZT
Operator type
Control panel
1000 kg
Load centre
600 mm
Net weight incl. battery
551 kg (ZT 2300)
560 kg (ZT 2500)
578 kg (ZT 2900)
596 kg (ZT 3300)
Drive wheel material
Thermoplastic elastomers based on urethane (TPU)
Drive wheel diameter front
230 mm
Drive wheel width front
65 mm
Fork roller material
Polyurethane (PU)
Fork roller equipment
Fork roller diameter
80 mm
Fork roller width
70 mm
Spare wheel diameter
100 mm
Additional wheel width
50 mm
Duplex telescopic mast (ZT)
Mast height (retracted-extended mast height)
1615 - 2730 mm (ZT 2300)
1715 - 2930 mm (ZT 2500)
1915 - 3330 mm (ZT 2900)
2115 - 3730 mm (ZT 3300)
Free lift
100 mm
2300 mm
2500 mm
2900 mm
3300 mm
Lift range
85 - 2300 mm
85 - 2500 mm
85 - 2900 mm
85 - 3300 mm
Tiller height
1190 mm
Overall length
1685 mm
Overall width
800 mm
Fork height
55 mm
Fork width
172 mm
Fork length
1150 mm
Fork support width
540 mm
Ground clearance
30 mm
Aisle width
2103 mm (pallet 800x1200 length)
2136 mm (pallet 1000x1200 sideways)
Turning radius
1270 mm
Drive motor power
0,6 kW
Travel speed, laden/unladen
4,5 / 5 km/h
Creep speed button
Lift motor output
2,2 kW
Lift speed with/without load
0,12 / 0,22 m/s
Lowering speed with/without load
0,15 / 0,12 m/s
Max. gradeability laden/unladen
4 / 10 %
Battery type
Lead gel battery
Battery voltage
24 V/per unit
Battery capacity
105 Ah/per unit
Battery weight
52 kg
Automatic shut-off without insert
30 min
Tiller surface
Tiller RAL colour
RAL 7016 anthracite grey
Noise level as per EN 12053 (operator's ear)
66 dB(A)
Drive control type
AC speed control
Colour chassis
Jungheinrich yellow
Chassis surface

Jungheinrich EJC M10 ZT, two stage telescopic mast, capacity 1000 kg

Ideal for occasional stacking of pallets, transport over short distances and order picking

  • Powerful and efficient
  • Lead-gel battery, on-board charger
  • Available with lift height 2300, 2500, 2900 or 3300 mm

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