The Ameise® electric stacker truck with mono mast represents a cost-effective entry-level model in the electric stacker segment. This truck is ideal for the easy lifting of goods to an ergonomic working height and the occasional stacking of pallets at heights of up to 1600 / 1950 mm (. The electric stacker truck is designed specifically for light-duty use in small and medium-sized operations and convinces with its proven and reliable Ameise® quality.

  • Lift height 1600 or 1950 mm
  • Ergonomic use as a material lifter
  • Maintenance-free gel battery
  • Integrated charger for flexible use
  • Battery discharge indicator and hour meter

Entry into the class of electric pallet trucks – for occasional order picking and stacking

The Ameise® electric stacker truck is the favourably priced model in the field of electric stacker trucks. It is designed for the lightweight internal transfer of goods. Thanks to its 2 kW lift motor, the stacker truck is ideal for order picking and preparation of goods weighing up to 1000 kg. It can also be used for occasional stacking of pallets at heights of up to 1600 / 1950 mm.

The electric stacker truck has a mono mast and is therefore ideal for ergonomic use as a material lifter. Another advantage is that the height only increases slightly when the mast is extended. The truck is light and agile, enabling you to manoeuvre it easily and safely even in tight spaces. The ground clearance of just 30 mm offers a high level of safety and reduces the risk of injuries in the foot area.

Thanks to the long tiller and a tiller handle that can be operated with either hand, you can work in a comfortable, ergonomic manner. All important control instruments are positioned centrally on the device. The battery discharge indicator, hour meter and emergency disconnect are thus always in view.

In combination with the on-board charger, the maintenance-free gel battery ensures very easy handling. This eliminates the need for time-consuming battery water replenishment and enables convenient charging at any 230 V socket.

The Ameise® electric stacker offers you a cost-effective entry into the field of electric stacker trucks. Order the reliable electric forklift truck with a load capacity of 1000 kg and a lift height of up to 1600 or 1950 mm from our web shop. 

Ameise® PSE 1.0 Mono (former CDD 10-80)
Operator type
1000 kg
Load centre
600 mm
Net weight incl. battery
460 kg (E 1600)
466 kg (E 1950)
Mono mast
Mast height (retracted-extended mast height)
2055 - 2055 mm (E 1600)
2405 - 2405 mm (E 1950)
Lift (h3)
1600 mm
1950 mm
Lift range
90 - 1600 mm
90 - 1950 mm
Tiller height
1252 mm
Overall length
1634 mm
Face of forks length
484 mm
Overall width
790 mm
Fork length
1150 mm
Fork height
55 mm
Fork width
185 mm
Fork support width
550 mm
Ground clearance
25 mm
Aisle width
1958 mm
Turning radius
1335 mm
Drive motor power
0,63 kW
Travel speed, laden/unladen
3 / 3,5 km/h
Lift motor output
2,0 kW
Lift speed with/without load
0,12 / 0,18 m/s
Lowering speed with/without load
0,11 / 0,11 m/s
Max. gradeability laden/unladen
5 / 7 %
Battery type
Lead gel battery
Number of batteries
Battery voltage
24 V/per unit
Battery capacity
70 Ah/per unit
Battery weight
48 kg
Drive wheel material
Polyurethane (PU)
Drive wheel diameter
250 mm
Drive wheel width
70 mm
Fork roller material
Polyurethane (PU)
Fork roller diameter
84 mm
Fork roller width
70 mm
Fork roller equipment
Additional wheel width
55 mm
Spare wheel diameter
115 mm
Tiller surface
Drive control type
DC Speed Control
Chassis surface
Colour chassis
Jungheinrich grey
Chassis RAL colour
RAL 5018 turquoise blue

Ameise® PSE 1.0 Mono, single stage mast, capacity 1000 kg

Ideal for light-duty in-house use

  • Ergonomic use as a material lifter
  • Maintenance-free gel battery
  • Available with lift height 1600 or 1950 mm

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Status: E 1600: On stock (JH central warehouse) // E 1950: Out of stock

Delivery: E 1600 mm: In 7-14 working days // E1950 mm: In 8-9 weeks
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